Bug Hunting For Beginner

Game da Course

Koyon yadda ake gano bugs da security vulnerabilities a cikin app ko website a matakin beginners. Ana bukatar ka samu computer.
This courses is suitable for graduates of Cyber Security, Networking or any related field

Abubuwan da za ka koya
  • Chapter 1: Linux Basics
  • Chapter 2: How The Internet Works
  • Chapter 3: Bug Bounty Introduction
  • Chapter 4: Information Gathering
  • Chapter 5: Open Redirect (Manual and Automation)
  • Chapter 6: HTML Injection, Content Spoofing and Hyperlink Injection
  • Chapter 7: Cross-Site Request Forgery (Using BurpSuite)
  • Chapter 8: Hyperlink Takeovers (Broken Link Hijack) (Manual and Automation)
Abubuwan da ake bukata don farawa
  1. A personal computer

Malami: Ibrahim Auwal
Mataki: Beginner

Yare: Hausa

Kudin Shiga: ₦1,500

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